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We’re offering sliding scale payment during COVID

Contact Bill to inquire about therapy, to make referrals or to inquire about appropriate referrals

I prefer speaking to you over the phone so we can get acquainted and I can make the proper recommendation for therapy. So please call the number to the right, but email is fine too. Be sure to tell me when it’s a good time to call you back.

If you’re interested in joining a group, note that before you enter my psychotherapy group, I conduct 2 or 3 pre-group 50 minute sessions with you to help define your goals, to begin to develop your sense of trust in me as group leader, and for me to determine which group would best serve your needs.

If, after the first session, we decide that my groups will not suit your needs, I will refer you to another psychotherapy group conducted by another group therapist with an appropriate group.

You pay only the group session rate of $85 a session. For the benefits you receive from these initial private sessions, please see our “Group Therapy” page. 

Please note that during COVID restrictions, we will be conducting all therapy sessions in Zoom. We will resume our meeting in Berkeley once it is safe to meet in person.

We will be meeting in online therapy sessions through Zoom until Covid 19 passes. Therapy sessions will resume in Berkeley after that. 


The cost for individual therapy is $175 an hour. Groups are half the cost. During the pandemic with many people unemployed and in financial stress, I provide a sliding scale payment for those in need. Please call me to discuss this option.


Berkeley Group Therapy Institute
1104 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

Ready for Therapy? Or Still Unsure?

Hopefully you've checked out the site and now trust in my qualifications and expertise as a therapist. But maybe you're undecided. Which is best for you? Group, individual, couple's or family therapy? Give me a call and we'll discuss your options.

Mind made up, and ready to go? Great. Contact me and we'll schedule our first session together. We meet online until we're back meeting in Berkeley.


Berkeley Group & Family Therapy Institute
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT #14245

(510) 525-9215

Zoom Sessions Available for Your Convenience and Safety

The Berkeley Group and Family Therapy Institute 
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