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All therapy sessions are online for the time being
Do you keep harassing yourself for bad choices you made in the past? It’s time for a redecision and a new tomorrow. Individual therapy may be just what you need.

“I’ve seen Dr. Bill Roller for several months, and have become much more self-aware and in tune with my emotions than I have in my entire life. He has helped me tremendously through difficult life experiences, as well as helped me develop my own sense of what is the best way not only to navigate them – but to grow with them and grow through them.”

Redecide Your Future by Redeciding Your Past with “Redecision Therapy”

Individual therapy –like all modalities of therapy—begins with the trust you have in your therapist. This must always be nurtured from the start. 

Most commonly, people seek individual therapy when they first begin their therapy experience. In your individual work with me, you will devote much time to gaining a deeper understanding of your place in the history of your family, how it has shaped who you are, the values you hold, and even the aspirations you have for the future.

This deep perspective is important because so much of your adult development and the choices you’ve made rest on what I call “early childhood decisions.” These decisions arise out of highly emotional events in your early family and social life that mark you from that point on. These early decisions are often forgotten or simply not given much thought to until you begin to reflect on how they may have influenced your life.

The awakening of memories of early childhood decisions can arise during a therapy session in which you explore with me emotional crises or conflicts impacting your life in the here and now. At that moment, it is my role to help you go deeper into your memory bank and discover moments in your past which approximate the emotional distress you are experiencing with me in your therapy session.

Redecision Therapy Demo

Watch as a mother makes redecisions regarding her treatment of her son after reflecting on her own relationship with her mother.  Bill Roller, Berkeley therapist, moderates this transformation.


If you don’t care to watch the full demonstration with discussion at the end, fast forward into the actual work at 7:35 when Darya opens up about a behavior she’d like to change in herself. 

I can help guide you through the steps of what I call redecision therapy. Those steps include:

  • Identify specifically what you want to change about your current behavior. As you open up the possibility of behavior change, together we’ll explore the many injunctions or “don’t messages” you may have incorporated into your life routine that no longer support the kind or quality of life you wish to lead.

  • You will recall a scene from your past that reinforces the past decision you no longer want to follow. I will help you access the emotional tone that accompanies this memory.

  • From that emotional space, you make your redecision and describe how your life will be different as a consequence.

  • Then you will design a plan that helps you reinforce on a daily basis the redecision you’ve made.

This is how I would proceed with you if you choose me as your therapist.

Are you ready to change your life?

Therapy is a great place to start.

Start the journey today with a one-on-one session to define your goals and to begin to develop trust in me as your therapist. There is never any commitment to me required, just a commitment to yourself if you really want to move forward into the life you’ve always dreamed of. I’ll help you make and stick to that commitment as well. 

We will be meeting in online therapy sessions through Zoom until Covid 19 passes. Therapy sessions will resume in Berkeley after that. 

The cost is $175 an hour. During the pandemic with many people unemployed and in financial stress, I provide a sliding scale payment for those in need. Please call me to discuss this option.

Zoom Sessions Available for Your Convenience and Safety

“I’ve done a lot of personal therapy over the years and I rank my experience with Bill as the best.”

Ready for Therapy? Or Still Unsure?

Hopefully you've checked out the site and now trust in my qualifications and expertise as a therapist. But maybe you're undecided. Which is best for you? Group, individual, couple's or family therapy? Give me a call and we'll discuss your options.

Mind made up, and ready to go? Great. Contact me and we'll schedule our first session together. We meet online until we're back meeting in Berkeley.


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Zoom Sessions Available for Your Convenience and Safety

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