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I lead 3 groups for professionals working in the field of therapy. Descriptions are found below.

These groups are for people who are dedicated to personal growth, developing meaningful relationships, and living creatively. Together we will use the power of group to activate our imagination, drawing on the techniques of group analysis, transactional analysis, gestalt, psychodrama, and redecision therapy while opening the possibility for change to occur in our lives. We especially focus on analyzing our dreams as they relate to ourselves and our group experience.

I had the good fortune to be mentored by some of the founders and innovators of group therapy and my intent is to impart some of the wisdom I have gained across 40 years of practicing the art. Please call me to ask questions and arrange a pre-group interview to discuss your goals.

Groups for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Family Therapists & Other Mental Health Clinicians

Redecision Therapy

Tuesday 5:00-6:30 PM
New Time-Limited Group for Clinicians
This is a group for psychotherapists who want to learn the theory and practice of Redecision Therapy and its specific application in group therapy. Redecision Therapy is a creative synthesis of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis that allows people to make changes in themselves while engendering a powerful group process that positively reinforces each redecision a person makes. This group is designed for people who want to learn the method and also want to identify and change their own early childhood decisions in order to enhance their professional growth and personal happiness.
The group will meet every other week in Zoom on Tuesdays, from 5 -6:30 PM California time  across one year for a total of 24 sessions of one and one-half hours each. 
The cost is $ 150 per month. A one year commitment is requested to achieve optimum benefit.

Redecision Therapy Demo

Watch as a mother makes redecisions regarding her treatment of her son after reflecting on her own relationship with her mother.  Bill Roller, Berkeley therapist, moderates this transformation.

If you don’t care to watch the full demonstration with discussion at the end, fast forward into the actual work at 7:35 when Darya opens up about a behavior she’d like to change in herself. 

Master Skills as a Family & Group Therapist

Monday 5:00-6:30 PM

For those with 10 years or LESS experience in the field

An on-going group that will allow you to master your skills as a practitioner in family and group therapy. Come join us for an exciting  mentoring opportunity to learn and gain confidence as a clinician. We focus on dream work and family of origin exploration which allows you to practice various techniques of group and family psychotherapy, including Gestalt, Psychodrama, Redecision Therapy, Group Analysis, and Family Reconstruction.

For Seasoned Professionals Dedicated to Personal Growth


For those with 10 years or MORE experience in the field

An on-going group for seasoned professionals dedicated to personal growth, developing meaningful relationships as we mature, and living creatively. Come join us as we explore together what is called “a return to an informed naivete”, an attitude that combines the freshness and exhilaration of discovery­­­­ with the mature capacity ­for reverie and judgment. With this insight, we’ll look anew at the work we do and how it fits with who we are now.

“In Bill Roller’s therapy group I found compassion, humor and wisdom, along with a willingness among group members to be simultaneously curious, challenging and vulnerable. We brought in dreams, experiences and ideas, but also worked with our responses to and relationships with each other. It wasn’t always easy or comfortable to express or accept attempts at honesty and understanding, but Bill worked with skill and care to push us to look more deeply and to look at what we found in social, environmental and historical contexts. Getting to participate in group processes that led to more open hearts and minds kept me going back. There was always more to learn from the group. Bill’s group leadership skills kept the emotional work rigorous and rewarding, and his interest in connecting mythologies, justice and psychology made for a fun intellectual ride.”

Martha Z. San Francisco


The Promise of Group Therapy

by Bill Roller

“In the future, psychotherapy will be only 25 percent individual. The remainder will be group psychotherapy, not just because it is more cost- effective, but empirical research is demonstrating that many psychological and medical conditions are more responsive to group rather than individual approaches. This book anticipates this trend and is must reading for all psychotherapists and administrators who are designing behavioral health delivery systems, or who may find themselves a part of those systems.” —Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., president, Foundation for Behavioral Health

Ready for Therapy? Or Still Unsure?

Hopefully you've checked out the site and now trust in my qualifications and expertise as a therapist. But maybe you're undecided. Which is best for you? Group, individual, couple's or family therapy? Give me a call and we'll discuss your options.

Mind made up, and ready to go? Great. Contact me and we'll schedule our first session together. We meet online until we're back meeting in Berkeley.


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